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The Editor’s Connection
Edit All Your Videos For a Flat Monthly Fee

You'll never have to worry about video editing again. With next-day delivery, video creators, marketing agencies and videographers scale their business by reducing the time and money they spend on video editing



Access our easy-to-use client project management platform.


Start a
new edit

Effortlessly request as many edits as you need with no limits on footage or content length.


Let the magic

Go and focus on scaling your business, because the video editing is taken care of.


Enjoy your awesome video

Most edits are done the next day. We work on one video at a time, Monday through Friday.


Review and

Review your video and request unlimited revisions. Get exports and cut-downs
on any format for any video platform.

Corporate, Real Estate, Faceless  Videos, Vlogs, Weddings, Podcast, Sports clips, Music Videos, Reels, Promo Videos and everything else

If Michelangelo had a service like the editor’s connection, he would have
met his deadline for the Sistine Chapel and then maybe moved on to help

finish the Sagrada Familia. Just saying...



Always work with the same team

It is impossible to scale your video content business without a reliable and consistent team. That’s why all editors at the editor’s connection work full-time for us and have a professional film and media background.

We created the editor’s connection to solve our own editing bottle neck. Now is the time for you to enjoy it as much as we do!

Prolific content creators, scaling videographers, profitable marketing agencies, and artistic filmmakers are getting more done and earning more money with the help of an army of professional video editors.

Keep your projects organized and available

With our online platform you can easily view and keep track of your edits. You can also make changes to old edits and prioritize urgent ones.

Scale your business

Your editor’s connection  membership will solve the editing bottleneck for you. Duplicating your editing output is as simple as upgrading your memberships.

Grow by collaborating

Benefit from the skills and creative input of your dedicated editor.

All types of content welcomed!

Vlogs, podcasts, viral videos, documentaries, testimonials, short films, or whatever you’re up to! the editor’s connection  works well for any type of video content you can imagine. If we don’t know how to do it already, we’ll learn it for you.

Hands-on post-production manager on all


All your edits are managed by a post production manager who supervises quality and delivers consistency without any additional cost.

Save time and avoid burnout

Your time is better spent somewhere other than in front of a computer, editing or managing your video masterpieces.

Closer to your time zone than the competition

We are in the Central Time Zone. You won’t need to send your projects halfway around the world to get quick, quality editing at a great price.

Get rid of the editing bottle neck and 
renew your passion for video

No more missed deadlines or stressful incomplete projects. Creativity and adaptability are included with your membership and are also UNLIMITED! You can request us to adapt to any workflow to deliver on any social media or video platform

All the exports you need - for all platforms

Keep your content up to date with the ever-changing digital
landscape. Be present in all social media with content that
fits all requirements for any platform.

Titles, lower thirds and logo animations

Give your videos the professional touch they need with
animated titles, subtitles, and lower thirds.

Micro content and vertical
formatting for all!

Conquer the trend introduced by smartphones and reach your goals in the competitive world of social media.

Make your podcast video ready

Or your video podcast ready. Request audio export from your podcast video, or get a clean professional edit of video shot during your podcast recording.

No limits on requests, duration or footage

Request as many edits as you want, as many revisions as you need. No limits on length, quantity of footage or deliveries*. Your editor works on one edit at a time, Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm Central Time.


We are very happy beacuse
we have happy customers


“I thought this was too good to be true. It’s not! This company delivers great edits at a fraction of the price of what I was paying before”.

Rick A

Reviews 2-04.png

Next day delivery
on most edits!

Certain edits with less than 100 gb of footage and less than 20 min of final length have a next day delivery*. Request as many edits as you want. Your editor works on one edit at a time, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Central Time.


For Creators.

We’ll learn your style and religiously take your feedback. Consistency and reliable editing will grant you success in the competitive video content economy.


For Entrepreneurs.

No video editing experience needed. Start your online video marketing campaign or promotional Youtube channel with a professional look for all your videos.


For Agencies.

Give your videos that professional look new clients are searching for without significantly increasing your overhead.


For Videographers.

Get rid of the editing bottle neck. Hit every deadline free of stress. Focus on creating meaningful relationships with your clients, and scale your business with new happy clients.


For Freelance Video Editors.

Yes, it's for you too! We do not compete with you. We want to help you take on more jobs. Use your membership for drafts, first cuts, syncing footage, or even final deliveries. We are your team to command and help you make money while you sleep.

Let’s chat face to face

Schedule a meeting with our team

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