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Frequently asked
questions (FAQs)

  • What are your working hours?
    ​10 am to 6 pm (CT) Monday through Friday. Check the list of our law mandated holidays. Clic below to download calendar
  • Do you also work on TikTok, Reels or YouTube shorts one at a time?
    Micro content (less than 1-minute clips usually with vertical formatting) are delivered in batches of 3 to 5. You can get plenty of those viral dance videos done per week.
  • Where are your editors located?
    The location of our editors is classified. But I can tell you they all LOVE tacos and they live close to a place named Tequila. Yes, there’s a place actually named Tequila in Mexico… oops!
  • What languages do your editors speak?
    Native Spanish, English as a second language and Spanglish.
  • Do you edit content in Spanish too?
    Si, señor!
  • Is there a limit of footage I can submit?
    Nope! Just keep in mind that edits with more than 50 GB of footage might take longer than one day to deliver. Also consider that you have to upload all that footage. Uploading proxies always makes things faster on both ends.
  • What video editing software do you use?
    Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut and on a limited availability Davinci Resolve.
  • Do you work with 4K?​
    Yes. Sometimes it takes longer to deliver than one day depending on the amount of footage. Sending us proxies along with your hi-res footage might shorten your delivery times.
  • So how Unlimited is Unlimited?
    It is Unlimited while your membership is active, and we work on one edit at a time. Think of it like an open bar. You can request as many drinks (edits) as you want. The bar attendant (your editor) prepares one drink at a time. Beers (most edits) are done right away (next day), but fancy cocktails (long or complicated edits) take longer to prepare. You can order as many drinks as you want until you leave the bar. Cheers!!
  • What could delay my edit?
    During your first two weeks of service, orders may require extra time. This allows your editor to familiarize themselves with your footage, style, and preferences. After this initial period, you can expect orders to be delivered within the previously stated time frame. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible support and results. More than 50 GB of footage, raw or uncompressed footage without proxies, longer than 15-minute edits with different camera angles and effects-heavy videos are excluded from next-day delivery and might take longer than two days to be delivered. Unclear instructions and edits with no creative input from the client might take longer to be finished.
    Reel revisions can delay future orders. 90-second reels and up might be delivered in batches of 3. We only deliver reels on the same day for the Ultra membership. Unlimited and Unlimited + are delivered the next day. We spell check every reel. It can take a lil’ bit more time for longer videos though. When we start a new order, we’ll need a little bit more time to prepare the material. It depends on the footage (for example, if it's more than 50 GB, in 4K, unzip large files, create or relink proxies) Footage links without access to everyone will delay the delivery of your edit. New footage added on a completed or delivered order will be worked on as a next-day delivery edit.
    Ask to be reassigned to a new editor at anytime. Request an approximate delivery calendar for your specific types of edits. Pause or re-open any edits you may need at any time. (Your editor may need to re-download the footage, which could take some time)
  • I want to talk to a Human.
    Learn more about The Editor’s Connection by scheduling a call with Oswaldo.
  • Anything else?
    Yes! Please read our small print (it’s actually not that small) and also learn more about how we work and why we work this way. It’s important for us to be a good fit for you. The best way to experience The Editor’s Connection is just going for a membership. If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll give you your money back!*

*We currently do not perform edits that involve character animations or animations not from a template, and we do not do transitions or effects that require masking. We do not record voice overs.


*Wedding edits delivery time may be affected by the length of the footage, the bitrate of the footage, and/or the length of the celebration. Multi-day wedding ceremonies might take longer than the advertised delivery times. Weddings shot on BRAW, R3DCODE or any other RAW codec or high bitrate format might be delivered past the advertised times.


*15 days money back guarantee on the first month of your membership applies only to a single first time purchase of Unlimited Video Editing.


*Type of edits that have next day delivery most of the time: 


Talking head 1-10 minute, with logo animations, lower thirds, and call to action. Additional graphics might delay delivery.


Reels, TikToks and YouTube shorts in batches of 3 to 5, with simple captions.


Ad or Promo from an After Effects Template with a 30 second to 1 minute duration.


Client Testimonial with stock footage and B-roll 1 to 5 minutes (With logo animations, lower thirds, and call to action).


Course with stock video and music, transitions. graphics and titles 3 to 5 minutes (With logo animations, lower thirds, and call to action).


Podcast 1 to 30 minutes (With logo animations, lower thirds, and call to action).

*Footage links without access to everyone will delay the delivery of your edit. 

*New footage added on a completed or delivered order will be worked on as a next-day delivery edit. 

*For us to be able to work on your videos, orders should be submitted. Client support tickets are only for your concerns or direct requests about your account. 

*New footage added on a completed or delivered order will be worked on as a next-day delivery edit.

* You can do it through our platform or by opening a ticket to cancel your sub.

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