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The editor’s connection

businesses and agencies scale
their content creation!

Eliminating the video editing bottleneck allows content-focused
businesses to scale and improve their relationships with new and
current clients. Tap into a solid and efficient workforce without
the headache of managing an in-house team.


B2B video editing highly focused on quality and efficiency

Professionals and agencies that sell audiovisual content or use it as a main tool for business acquisition will constantly face the bottleneck of video editing. What can be a daunting task becomes an easy process with the use of our unlimited video editing memberships. Each membership tier includes the same process and quality of service with the difference between them being the amount of projects worked on simultaneously. Choose your membership depending on the amount of content you need per week.


A structured process for
guaranteed deliveries

By simply getting your membership, your business acquires a team of reliable editors, supervisors and efficiency-obsessed people. With our policy of only hiring full time editors, the challenges of working with freelancers instantly disappears. Quality control and supervision of your assigned editor is always included in any of your memberships, together with our attentive customer service. Instantly add a fully functional and structured video editing department to your operation for a flat monthly fee.


Video content rules.
You rule too!

No matter the size of your business, The Editor’s Connection creates tailor sized packages with different options for professionals and agencies looking to secure the video editing pipeline of their clients or of their own content production. Podcast networks, agencies for YouTube and social media creators can streamline their production and delivery using The Editor’s Connection.


Here are some of the success stories  of our clients:


You can use The Editor’s Connection as a business model for your company. Save editing time and focus on selling your product and recording more videos.


Now you’re ready to amaze your audience and save time. We’d love to meet you and talk with you about achieving your goals.

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